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Why Isn’t Your Child Wearing A Gi?

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Why Isn’t Your Child Wearing A Gi?

“They are uncomfortable in it”
“It always comes untied”
“I see other kids in tshirts”
“It’s just easier for me without the gi top”

If you have a Grasshopper, Little Dragon or a Beginner student you likely can relate to one of the above statements. It is certainly more comfortable to train in a tshirt vs a gi jacket and when it’s hot it can feel “impossible” to wear the gi jacket.

However, it is not our goal to make students feel “comfortable” at all times. Our goal at PMA is to Teach People To Be Strong In Difficult Situations. We do this by finding the appropriate amount of pressure to apply to allow the optimal amount of growth for our students. The very first step in that process is requiring a uniform: gi top, gi pants and a belt tied properly.

The gi (kimono/uniform) serves multiple purposes:
1. It’s like making one’s bed in the morning. It sets a tone of conscientiousness. It signals to everyone else, including the student, that they are accepting the identity of a martial artist.
2. It makes one feel the part. To be a Black Belt you must first look like one. Do you ever see our instructors wearing street clothes while teaching or training?
3. It builds discipline, patience and resiliency. By dealing with the slight discomfort of a gi in each training session we desensitize students to small discomforts so that eventually they can endure large discomforts like live sparring & grappling.
4. It creates the mindset that the little things are the big things. Details matter. Listen to Admiral William H. McRaven: University of Texas at Austin 2014 Commencement Address – Admiral William H. McRaven
5. It shows respect: for one’s self, the instructors and the dojo


Next time they complain, try responding this way:

“We wear our gi and belt to every class.”
“I love seeing you look like a Black Belt in your gi!”
“We don’t worry about what others are wearing, we want to behave like a Black Belt!”
“I know you love your superhero tshirt but you need to wear your PMA tshirt while you train to be a superhero!”

Please feel free to purchase a second uniform at 10% off. We do have PMA tshirts as well, so if it’s 105 outside feel free to wear one! However, street clothes are not acceptable on the mat. Martial Arts may be lots of fun but it is actually a discipline based in tradition. Help us help your child by getting them to class each day in their gi! Even at age 4, it’s never too early to start building good habits.

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What Happens When You Choose to Step Onto the Mat at PMA?

By | PMA Blog

You might be surprised. Practical Martial Arts is a very different kind of martial arts school. 


Our mission: 

Teach People to be Strong in Difficult Situations.


Life can be tough! At every stage we face challenges that can seem insurmountable. Be it bullies at school, at difficult work situation, health problems, money trouble, worries about the future – the list is endless. That’s why you need to learn how to defend yourself against these stressors!


At Practical Martial Arts we take the progressive techniques of mixed martial arts, unite them with the traditions and principles of the past, and create a place where you can find your grit, learn to persevere under pressure, and to enjoy yourself in the process. We have been guiding students through this exceptional martial arts rite of passage since 1993.


Our Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts is a blend of Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, traditional boxing, wrestling, Judo, and street self-defense.
With our physical curriculum you will:


  • Learn real, accessible self defense skills to you should you ever need it

  • Experience authentic, high level, competitive martial arts training

  • Have a safe and supportive environment in which to train

  • Use Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and self-defense to practice how to persevere under pressure


You will find that our physical curriculum is balanced with:


  • non-violent conflict resolution

  • scenario-based self-defense

  • altruism projects

  • and neuroscience


Through service projects focusing on goodwill we build community inside and outside the dojo as we feel that our dojo is a metaphor for life. Building contribution, character and physical competency in you is integral to our vision of a true Black Belt. Through careful coaching you will learn the neuroscience of will power, emotions, and the effects of focusing your thoughts to impact not only your success on the mat but also at work, school, and at home. Our style is easily adapted to different levels of fitness and abilities and creates a welcoming atmosphere for new or seasoned martial artists whether you are 3 or 63 years young.


For us, our life is our dojo. Every day we are inspired by our students and feel a great sense of honor to be trusted to influence your lives. We hope that you will stop in for a visit, kick off your shoes and take your first step on the journey of a thousand miles….


~Mike and Karen Valentine