Step 1: Check the schedule for available programs

Step 2: Book a free intro lesson & get instructor approval

Step 3: Enroll and build confidence, focus and physical fitness!


(If you do not see a time/date that you are looking for please call or email us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.)


If you’ve already done your free lesson please email to make a quick appointment to enroll.


What should I or my child wear?
Simply wear comfortable workout clothes, bare feet and a properly fitting mask during Covid restrictions.

Can I send my child with a nanny/caregiver?
No. If student is under 18 they MUST have a parent or legal guardian present. Once enrolled, feel free to send your child with a caregiver or drop them off & pick them up after class.

Can I bring a friend?
Yes, friends are welcome provided that you book both student intros online AND if student is a minor they must have a parent present at the lesson.

Is the free intro class required?
The introductory lesson helps students start group classes with greater success, allows our instructors to assess younger students’ readiness for classes and choose the best class for the student. It also helps us teach more effectively when new students are already oriented to our expectations.

Is this an assessment of my child?
For the most part, it is an orientation. It gives us insight into which class is most appropriate for your child to start in. For young ones, we are looking for the basic ability to be in class following directions. Sometimes kids aren’t quite ready for the class that they desire and therefore we will start them in a different class or ask them to return in a few months and try again. It’s not uncommon for 4 year old to not quite be ready for our group classes.

Where do we park?
Please park in any PMA spaces, unlabeled spaces, down the alley or on the street. DO NOT park in our neighbor’s spaces (unless they are closed).

We did the intro lesson and we want to sign up!
Great! Please email to make a short appointment for enrollment. Due to limited front desk staffing we CANNOT take walk-ins for sign ups, sorry. To sign up, we just need your first month’s tuition plus the enrollment fee that includes the uniform, belt & a pair of gloves. You can pay this in person via cash or Visa/MC. All of our tuition is collected through automatic payment. You decide if you’d like to use a credit card for monthly billing or do bank draft (which includes a 4% discount per month). 

All of our memberships are month-to-month with 30 days’ written notice to hold or cancel.

When can we start?

All of our programs are month-to-month and students can start at any time once they have completed the free introductory lesson.

How many weeks are the programs?

All of our programs are ongoing with the eventual goal of reaching black belt. For kids the average time it takes to reach their first belt is 3-4 months so we encourage parents to set up that expectation with their kids.

How long is the wait list for the later Beginner class?

That is hard to say because it depends on when the current students graduate out. The wait can be 1-4 months. The shortest wait to join that class is in the late spring or summer. Please feel free to inquire for a recent estimate.

What if I need to hold the membership?

Email Subject: HOLD. We can hold a payment with 30 days notice. Holds are only for a full calendar month. If you are missing a few classes here and there you can do make up classes within 30 days. We do not offer refunds for unused classes.

What if I need to cancel?

Email Subject: CANCEL. We can cancel a membership with 30 days notice. Please be sure to check in with us first to see if there is any way we can help you continue…Maybe a schedule change? A check in with the teacher? A private lesson to work on skills that need improving? We are here to help!