2021 Ninja Camp

Plans for Ninja Camp 2021 have not yet been finalized.  Please signup to receive updates.

Meet the Ninja Camp team

Sensei Mike

Think of him as Ninjago’s Sensei Wu, if you’re 7, or as Bruce Lee if you’re, well, not 7! Wisdom is the name of his game. With 45 years of experience in martial arts from karate to kickboxing to boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sensei Mike offers his students “osu”: the ability to be strong in difficult situations. He is serious when he says that he sure can teach heart. He excels at the neuroscience of success and has an unparalleled aptitude at helping his students achieve no matter their background.

What do kids do at Ninja Camps?

  • Freestyle Martial Arts: kickboxing, BJJ & self defense.
  • Two class credits per day towards rank.
  • Padded swords, Nunchucks, & Ninja Games
  • Amazing Ninja Obstacle Courses
  • Learning Origami Ninja Stars
  • Learning the New Ninja Code
  • Lego time, chess time & board game time
  • Ice cream day
  • Park days
  • Pizza & Movie day for Friday lunch
  • Belt & stripe awards on Friday afternoon

All of the above plus extra focus on fitness & skill building
Running – bring shoes!

Black Belts:
All of the above plus field trips to other dojos TBA

Hear it from our parents.

My 12 year old boy came home so exhausted and happy each day from camp! He thought he might be too old but the Teen Camp with Mr. Phelps has just the right tone. I definitely recommend it!

mom of a teenage ninja

I have been blessed to find places for my children to go where they are treated like family. Practical Martial Arts is one of those places. My son and daughter had such a good time and they can't wait to go back to Ninja camp.

mom of two ninjas

The instructors were not only energetic, caring, present but amazing teachers of Martial Arts. The day was filled with so many different activities, it kept him entertained and looking forward to each day.

mom of a lil' ninja

My daughter was a little shy and was nervous to try martial arts. Those feelings subsided as soon as she started the camp. Mike and Karen are so enthusiastic and make each student feel so welcome and comfortable immediately!

mom of a girl ninja

Interested in our ongoing afternoon kids program?