We teach teens with respect and train them with one of the most modern, effective martial arts: Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts.

It’s intense, it’s realistic, it works and teens love it. However, we not a fighter’s gym. We are a dojo (a place where one learns ‘the way’).

Our teenage students…
-Learn to improve in all areas of their lives
-Are exposed to strong, principled role models
-Experience thrilling, realistic, safe and motivational training
-Improve their physical conditioning and performance
-Learn scenario based self defense
-Have the opportunity to compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Below is a video of 3 of our most stellar teen Black Belts, Danielle Cohen, Matthew Margolis and Peter Felton who started when they were 4 years old. This is their 2nd degree Black Belt Test before they all left for college. This is not what beginner teens do in class. This is what they can be trained to do!


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