Our martial arts curriculum is designed to give students all the tools they need for effective self defense; from bully defense to assertiveness training to handling physical assaults. However, we host periodic 2 hour self defense seminars for anyone wishing to do a short course with or without being a member of the dojo.

Our self defense program focuses on the ABC’s of self defense: Awareness, Boundaries, Combat. It was developed from merging our style of martial arts with FAST Defense in which we are certified to teach. We use scenario based training where students get a hands on feel for what a self defense situation is like and practice preventing and responding to such situations. Our basics training includes verbal assertiveness and physical attack scenarios standing and on the ground. We can also include weapons training in these seminars is desired. We taylor these small group seminars to the needs of the participants.

$250 for 2 hours for up to 12 students.
Please contact us to see if your preferred day/time is available.

We also offer Bully Defense Tools, a program for kids designed by our founder, Mike Valentine. It was created for elementary school age children to deal with their peers in difficult situations. The principles and strategies are universal, however the context is for children age 5-12.

Kids need to have tools that are geared to their age and developmental level. Bully Defense Tools are carefully aligned to elementary school culture so the principles will be directly transferable to a child’s daily life.

Bully Defense Tools is different from other programs because it focuses on all aspects of bullying: the target, the bully and the bystanders. And, this program is the only one that helps kids understand the difference between actual bullying and “bugging” or otherwise normal kid behavior.

We have presented at the following Marin County schools over the last few years:
Marin Montessori
Wade Thomas School
Cove School
Reed School
Neil Cummins School
Bel Aire Elementary

Please contact us to arrange a visit to your child’s school or send a link to your principal and we can arrange the visit with them.