Mobility & Martial Arts

Physical conditioning is the new self-defense for active adults, and adults who want to stay active. These days, self-defense isn’t just about the bad guy on the street. It’s about keeping our body, mind and spirit strong and flexible so we can live and enjoy a productive life as we grow older.

Mondays & Wednesdays


  • Kickboxing in the air
  • Self Defense skills & drills
  • Mobility, Stability & Longevity training
  • Originally for the 50+ crowd but all ages love it
  • Instructor is fully vaccinated

This martial arts class takes you through warm-up, martial arts drills, joint mobility, stretching, balance exercises, and street self-defense. It’s an opportunity to work your body without the combat sparring of our traditional PMA martial arts program but still earn rank in this unique style.

Please check with your doctor before participating in any physical exercise program to ensure it is suitable for you.

The class is taught by Patti Oji, 4th Degree Black Belt at Practical Martial Arts. At 70 years young she is incredibly inspiring. Patti loves to to share what she does to have fun, stay active and mobile.

All students are required to be vaccinated.

Masks must be worn when required.

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If you are ready to sweat, and build real-life martial ability in a environment of sportsmanship, humor, and discipline, this school is a treasure in the North Bay.

Military vet & experienced martial artist
a mixed martial arts class at PMA