Beginner Kids

Ages 6 – 12 years

As a parent, the greatest gift you can give your child is a positive self-image. Couple that with a strong sense of respect, purpose and compassion and you have created a happy child who will not only look out for themselves but others as well. At our dojo, we strive to develop individuals who apply their martial arts lessons to everyday life.

We foster success in children through safe, exciting, fun yet challenging classes geared toward instilling each child with a positive mental focus, an “I can do it” attitude and a genuine love for exercise. Beginning at age six, our students gain self-confidence, self-discipline, self-defense skills as well as respect for self, others and the environment.

Beginner kids learn their basics in boxing, Muay Thai kicks, take downs, elemental grappling and our Bully Defense Program. Additionally these kids build strength, stabilty and conditioning through super fun games and drills during warm up.

The messaging is well-conceived--whether the focus is on athletic skills, life skills, or character development--and it is delivered with authenticity of tone (not just lip service or rote). Also, it is perceptibly acted upon.

Mom of two boys at PMA

The learning she's received from PMA has been invaluable, and an absolute social game changer for her. She was painfully shy when we first brought her there 4 years, she's still shy and introverted but has a whole, big bag of tools to work with when she's in situations where she's feeling super shy.

Mom of a now Black Belt girl

There is a positive vibe all around and you can see it reflected in the way the kids at the studio act and behave; they are respectful and they are having fun.

Adult student of PMA

We have been there for over a year and find it extremely rewarding, fun and useful for focusing energy and emotions.

Mom of a boy & girl student

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