You’ve done some BJJ, a little Muay Thai…maybe some wrestling. Our dojo will align with your skills quite nicely. We offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, gi-less too, taught by a Gi-less World Champion (Sensei Mike in 2010) plus stand up classes covering kickboxing sparring, clinch and take downs.

Or, you’ve done some traditional styles like Tae Kwon Do or Aikido….You’re looking to expand your horizons and try something completely new. We offer a welcoming environment for all.

For any experienced martial artist PMA is a veritable candy store for functional skill development. With over 35 years of active participation in martial arts in over 16 different styles as well as boxing, Sensei Mike can help even the most seasoned black belt. Many students with traditional black belts enjoy training at PMA because of the emphasis on live training.

In many traditional styles students practice movement patterns and strategies against completely compliant training partners. For example in many traditional styles a person will punch at his partner, holding his arm extended for several seconds. His partner will counter with four or five strikes while the puncher will stand frozen in space.

In PMA whether standing or on the ground, once you have memorized the movement pattern, your technique is honed against resisting opponents in sparring or in life-like drills. In this environment one truly refines the attributes necessary to be successful whether in the ring or the streets.

Regardless of your experience, please sign up for one of our introductory lessons. We’ll discuss your skills, show an overview of our curriculum and assess which class you’ll be best suited for.