TINY TIGERS, ages 3 & 4 years, Mondays at 2:15pm

By far our most adorable class, the goal of Tiny Tigers is to foster self-control and focus in a group setting. Physically, our curriculum is designed to provide proprioceptive and kinesthetic feedback so children can develop visual, spatial and body awareness. We do this with a dynamic variety of exercises that build core strength, balance & organized, effective movement while ensuring the highest level of fun and enjoyment. Parents are always surprised at what their teeny 3 year old can accomplish in this class where the kids are nurtured while expanding their physical capabilities. …But, honestly, it’s really all about the uniform. Once these Tigers get dressed in their gi with their belt tied, they become super-kids! They’re unstoppable and unstoppably cute.

Enjoy this short video of a warm up in our Tiny Tigers class…

Make up classes by appointment.