Welcome to your first experience training in martial arts! We’re happy you are here and want to prepare you to have the most positive first experience with us possible.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

~Lao Tzu

And here you are at that single step!

You’re about to get onto the mat and you’re ready for a new world filled with challenges, accomplishments and above all memorable experiences that will allow you to grow. The Basics class is where it all begins. This is where you learn your most elemental yet important skills. The Basics are the foundation of true skill. In fact, the hallmark of an expert Black Belt is more about the precision of his or her basic skills under pressure than the sheer number of techniques an individual memorizes. Even more important than the technical skills are the habits developed that will take you to your Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt). Just remember everyone had to start somewhere so relax and enjoy yourself.

Here are a few more helpful guidelines.

How To Prepare


It’s best to train on an empty or nearly-empty stomach. If it’s been many hours since your last meal, a light snack such as fruit or half a protein bar is fine.


It’s important to be well-hydrated before you come to class. Drink water, coconut juice or other light, non-surgary, non-carbonated beverages in the hours leading up to your class. Coming to a morning class with nothing but coffee in your system is a time-tested failure path.

What to Wear

For our martial arts classes we require unadorned plain white jiu jitsu gis or (uniforms). Small children wear karate gis. These are available at the front desk. Prices depend on the size. Bare feet are essential. The exception to this is wrestling shoes that are NOT worn on the street.

Please tie back long hair, remove jewelry and watches and keep your finger and toenails clipped!

Where To Store Your Stuff

Since we don’t have locker rooms, please leave your gear bags on the benches near the mat you are training on. Your shoes can be left in our shoe cubbies.

What To Expect In The Studio

Arrive a few minutes early to get situated and dressed in the bathrooms if you aren’t already. Check out the class before you since it’s likely a more advanced group. Visualize yourself there in the future. Turn off the ringer on your phone and clear your mind.

After you check in bow onto the mat and line up at the far end with the other white belts. Classes begin with another bow symbolic of respect and a warm up routine in front of the mirror. Be patient and kind to yourself. Do not compare yourself to other students or attempt techniques that are designated for the more experienced students. From there, kids classes are broken down by belt rank and adults move to partner drills. Classes usually end with bag work and live sparring – only for the more experienced students.

What To Do After Class

Be sure to drink lots of water after class and when you get home. Put your gi in the wash and then take a warm bath in epsom salts to prevent any muscle soreness.

Other helpful tips

Train at least two times a week. Three is best.

When you miss a class make it up over the next week.

Learn how to practice at home.

Get to know other people in the class. It’s much more fun to train with someone you know.

If you are sick for any reason stay at home.

Bow when entering and leaving the mat.

Please feel free to raise your hand if you have question about a technique or drill but do not interrupt the instructor or chat with your partner

Wash your uniform after every workout.