PMA Summer Training Bootcamp

2019 Camp Dates

for Teens (all levels), Advanced Belts & Youth Black Belts

July 15-19                   Ages 12+                9am-2pm

Aug 12-16                   Ages 12+                9am-2pm


Meet the Bootcamp Team

Sensei Mike

Think of him as Ninjago’s Sensei Wu, if you’re 7, or as Bruce Lee if you’re, well, not 7! Wisdom is the name of his game. With 45 years of experience in martial arts from karate to kickboxing to boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sensei Mike offers his students “osu”: the ability to be strong in difficult situations. He is serious when he says that he sure can teach heart. He excels at the neuroscience of success and has an unparalleled aptitude at helping his students achieve no matter their background.

Mr Schimmel

Mr. Schimmel is a living, breathing ninja. Not only can he flip upside down from standing still, he can actually ride his bike upside down in the air. Really. His mellow, Santa Cruz style brings some summertime chill to the dojo. However, don’t let that fool you. His classes are intense and technical but also fun and he brings out the best in all his students from little ninjas to teens at ground zero.

What do we do at bootcamp?

Our bootcamp is open to:
• Teens of all experience levels including beginners.
• PMA Advanced Belts minimum age 12 AND minimum green belt level.

Boys & girls will enjoy camaraderie, fitness and fun with our excellent teachers and role models, Coaches Sensei Mike & Mr Schimmel.

• Freestyle Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
• 2 class credits per day towards rank
• Fitness Conditioning & Skill building
• Self Defense Training
• Silly fun like Padded Swords, Nunchukas & Games
• Possibility of guest teachers TBA
• Pizza and a movie on Friday

All activities are subject to change or substitution.

Our Typical Day In the Life video gives you an example of they types of training teens will do at Bootcamp.

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