If you live in Novato and are looking for a style similar to ours, please check out Tryfon Stathopoulos’ North Bay Jiu Jitsu.

North Bay Jiu Jitsu
TJ’s Gym/Crossfit Novato
7427 Redwood Blvd Suite B
Novato CA 94945

Tryfon has been a student of Sensei Mike since 2000, earning his first, second, and third degree Black Belt in Freestyle Martial Arts. In addition to mixed martial art skills, Tryfon is a Brown Belt from Eduardo Rocha and one of the best Brazillian Jiu Jitsu competitors and coaches in the bay area.

He currently teaches at Practical Martial Arts Saturday and Sunday while he builds his own dojo: North Bay Jiu Jitu at TJ’s Crossfit in Novato.

“I can not recommend anyone more highly than Tryfon Stathopoulos, he is a phenomenal teacher for all ages and experience levels. He is a great training partner and friend. I would not have won the Gi-less World Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Championships (senior 3, middle & open) without his support.”

~Mike Valentine